What we offer

Contract Research

Marineholmen RASLab focuses on high quality and applied research associated with RAS and land-based aquaculture technologies.

Operating 12 self-contained fresh or salt water RAS systems with the latest technology associated with each one, RASLab is a leader in providing the best research with the best equipment at the right price. At Marineholmen RASLab we can offer research capabilities including

  • Water quality management

  • Fish biology

  • Feed research

  • Bio-reactors

  • Microbiology

  • Sludge and waste treatment

  • Sensor development


Innovation in aquaculture is essential for the sustainable development of the industry. At Marineholmen RASLab our expertise and resources can help entrepreneurs, small-medium enterprises as well as larger organizations realize the potential of their ideas as an R&D partner, assisting in the whole innovation chain. As a central part of the Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult Centre, our focus is on “Innovating the Future of Aquaculture”


Modern aquaculture is a knowledge-based industry. RAS systems are biologically and technologically complex. Marineholmen RASLab through affiliation with the University of Bergen offers unique educational possibilities from BSc to Phd level. RASLab is used in university courses in aquaculture and fish health and also offers life-long learning courses for all education levels within the aquaculture industry from introductory to senior management.

RASlab CEO Mark Powell Explains Ras Technology to Aurora Brønstad at University of Bergen.

RASlab is a proud supporter and participant in Vestland Kommune Fagskolen


At Marineholmen RASLab we have a wide range of international expertise in aquaculture as well as the specialized technology that is RAS.Using our extensive networks and knowledge we can offer advice and consultation on a wide range of issues in aquaculture including RAS, marine and freshwater aquaculture of diverse species, fish health management and much more. Our role in innovating the future of aquaculture does not just stop at RAS.