Who are we?

Marineholmen RASLab is a research and innovation company with a focus on in Recirculating Aquaculture System technology.

Located in Bergen, at the heart of the aquaculture industry in Norway, RASLab offers state-of-the-art research facilities for research into sustainable land-based fish farming. By re-using water in a closed loop RAS system, fish can be grown intensively, using less water resources, and producing a virtually zero environmental impact with a smaller footprint. The technology for providing the life support systems, cleaning the water and supplying the fish with clean oxygenated water allows us to use technology to advance and transform the future of fish farming.

RASLab AS is owned by a consortium of the University of Bergen, ILAB (Stiftelsen Industrialaboriet), NORCE and Marineholmen Forskningspark, all world leaders in research innovation. At RASLab therefore, we have ambitions to provide the best research and innovation at the best price for the future of aquaculture. As part of the Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult centre RASLab is central in facilitating innovation. In partnership with the University of Bergen, and using our extensive background in RAS and aquaculture technology, RASLab provides up-to-date and unique educational opportunities through university and life-long-learning courses – knowledge for future generations. As we say at RASlab we are “Innovating the future of Aquaculture”.

Dr. Mark Powell

CEO and general Manager
+47 982 94 087

Mark Powell has a PhD in fish physiology and has worked for the past 25 years internationally in aquaculture technology, production and fish health.

Mark has a strong back ground in applied research having conducted research in Norway, Scotland, Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia. With a background of over 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications and books in fish health management and aquaculture Mark brings a strong scientific focus to the company. Using his international expertise both managing farms and in consultancy with the industry, Mark brings a deep understanding of the innovation process and needs of the aquaculture industry.

Dr. Irene Roalkvam

Research Coordinator
+47 455 01 557

Irene Roalkvam has a PhD in microbiology and has managed research projects funded by the Norwegian Research Council with commercial RAS and flow-through farms throughout Norway. Irene has worked with understanding the microbial communities in aquaculture farms as well as identifying and culturing novel bacteria for commercial uses. The use of innovative approaches in microbiology are central to the successful development and operation of RAS technology.

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