Written on February 5th 2020

RASLab inspects the new modules at the Alpha Aqua and Dansk Plast factory


Members of the RASLab building team visited the Alpha Aqua factory at Dansk Plast in Denmark to inspect the new RASLab RAS modules that we will be installing shortly.

From left to right Fredrik Landro (ILAB/RASLab) Eirik Østerhaug (Multiconsult), Mark Powell (RASLab) and Reidar Handegård (ILAB). These superbly designed and engineered RAS modules are based on Alpha Aqua’s nano-RAS technology with a few minor specific modifications we have built in. These systems (we are installing 12 of them) will provide us with flexibility and precision to carry out research and innovation projects for our clients. We look forward to getting these installed in our facility at Thormøhlen’s Gate 41 and getting them operational. Thanks to Johan Højgaard, Yuri Skov and Rasmus Sørensen of Alpha Aqua and Klaus Sørensen and Kristian Andersen of Dansk Plast for their hospitality – all a great team to work with.