Marineholmen RASLab AS has wasted no time in developing their portfolio of tools for science.  In response to a project with Akvafresh AS where the testing of a patented nanofiltered seawater treatment for removing and killing sealice from salmon, RASLab has been working with Akvafresh to undertake further testing of the treatment in the lab. 

This has meant that RASLab has successfully challenged and grown sealice on Atlantic salmon smolts in RAS.  The advantages are that with warmer temperatures, the lice progress through their life stages quickly and predictably, infective copepodites can be effectively removed from the challenge via the drum filter and water quality is maintained during the lice development period.  This now means that at RASLab we can offer sealice challenge studies to our customers for assessing new technology for the control of this major challenege to sea cage salmonid aquaculture…just another way that RASLab is “innovating the future of aquaculture”