Marineholmen RASlab team up with SeaRAS to use RASLab as a testing ground
for water quality measurement systems

Marineholmen RASLab has signed a cooperation agreement with aquaculture RAS
technology developer SeaRAS to provide a test laboratory environment for the SeaRAS
Aquasense water quality measurement station. The development of the measurement
station that provides measurement of pH, turbidity, O 2 , CO 2 and H 2 S etc.
“This is an exciting opportunity for RASLab to cooperate with technology developers such as
SeaRAS, where we can provide access to our facilities while at the same time directly benefit
from the results generated by the measurement station” explains Mark Powell, RASLab CEO.
RASLab has a primary mission to facilitate innovation and R&D of technology for RAS
development through contract research, managing the innovation pipeline (primary
objective through the Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult) as well as developing training
and education in RAS technology for land-based aquaculture.