Marineholmen RASLab has been busy writing and contributing partners in several EU based funding applications

Marineholmen RASLab was very proud to be part of the Horizon 2020 FTI application led by Fishways and in partnership with SeaDream fisheries, BioCastle, Pisco group and others late in 2020.  A further application has been made to Eurostars in cooperation with Fishways.  The projects focus on commercializing a novel technology, encapsulating nitrifying bacteria for replacing conventional biofilters.  RASLab’s contribution will involve the testing of the technology for cold water RAS production of Atlantic salmon post-smolt and understanding the refining the microbiome associated with cold water RAS systems.

It is very exciting for RASLab to be part of projects like this, where novel technology is being tested and implemented” RASLab CEO Mark Powell explains, “we are eagerly awaiting the outcome of the application to get underway in 2021”.

In another application, RASLAb is partnering with the Norwegian Institute for water Research (NIVA) and two Portugese companies, NS2 and Senseway.  The project, iTOP RAS – development of Innovative Tools for Optimal management of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems will focus on the development and testing of sensor technology and integration of water quality monitoring in an understanding of how biofilters and their microbial communities respond under brackish and freshwater conditions for rearing Atlantic salmon.

This sort of technology testing is what RASLab was built for and the development of these technologies is part of RASLab’s role in helping SMEs innovate and develop in the aquaculture environment” says Mark Powell (RASLab CEO).