Written on April 1st 2020

Biofilter start-up and progress at RASLab under COVID-19


As we are all aware, COVID-19 is having an impact on businesses everywhere. RASLab is no exception, although we have implemented a secure strategy and plan to keep us functioning through these difficult times.

We operate with a strong distancing policy – only 1 person to an office, no close contact, strict hygiene (we use this policy anyhow) and we work from home as much as we can. At RASLab we are in our start-up period so had planned for a period focusing on biofilter start-up and preparing for the start of projects. We continue to assess our business plans, assessing risks and implementing mitigation strategies. RASLab is still open for business and we are continuing to develop projects, education courses and using our expertise to support the aquaculture industry. We know this current situation with COVID-19 will not continue forever and things will get back to normal. In the mean-time, please stay safe.